Welcome to Best Friends, Inc.

Best Friends, Inc.: The Children’s Friendship Network has been serving children with disabilities and their families in western Pennsylvania since 1993. Our organization was incorporated in March 1995 and received 501(c)3 status from the I.R.S. Since its inception, Best Friends, Inc. has served over a thousand children and their families.

The mission of Best Friends, Inc. is to facilitate friendships between children with disabilities and their nondisabled peers and to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in typical community activities.

Please support our work of bringing joy and genuine friendships into the lives of young people of all abilities. Your tax deductible donation betters the lives of young people by giving them the gift of friendship.


Due to the Corona Virus, all events and in-person meetings have been suspended. We are continuing to provide family support through phone and internet interactions.  Email us or call us if we can help you during these difficult times.  PLEASE STAY SAFE! 


2019 Brochure

You can download our company brochure here: 2019 Brochure


Welcome to Best Friends, Inc. — 2 Comments

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